Corridor H: Cease and Desist!

By Hugh Rogers The state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has issued a cease-and-desist order to Kokosing Company, which is building a 7.5-mile section of Corridor H in Tucker County. More than half passes through the Monongahela National Forest. It’s music to our ears: cease and desist! Stop tearing up the forest and dumping mud [...]

Thoughts from our president: Reviewing the review

October was a very busy month, saddened by the loss of a longtime, from the beginning of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy, friend, board member and supporter of the Conservancy Jean Rodman. Postings on the board listserv and stories in this Voice and the many pages in the forty years of the West Virginia Highlands [...]

Explanation and apology

Dear Members, This is a message – an abject apology - to our members who have recently renewed.  There was what I am sure was a frustrating problem, in that many of the business reply envelopes we intended as a service to our members were stuck closed.  Several members graciously used their own envelopes to [...]

The con at the heart of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

By Robert Zullo It can’t be said enough, and it’s something that’s easy to lose sight of amid the labyrinthine legal and permitting debates around the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, which could be getting federal approval to start full construction in Virginia any minute now. The need for Dominion Energy’s 600-mile Atlantic Coast Pipeline is far [...]

20 Years of Red Spruce Ecosystem Restoration

By Dave Saville Twenty years ago, Highlands Conservancy members were concerned about the Balsam Woolly Adelgid and the exotic insect pest’s decimation of the balsam fir stands in West Virginia.  This genetically unique population of trees, at the southern edge of its range, has been a part of the forests of Canaan Valley and the [...]

Still No Pipeline Crossing the Greenbrier River

The Circuit Court of Summers County, Judge Robert Irons, has now heard evidence and arguments concerning the Mountain Valley Pipelines and its Natural Stream Preservation Act Permit to cross the Greenbrier River.  As reported in the October issue of The Highlands Voice,plaintiffs claim that the crossing would be in violation of West Virginia’s Natural Streams [...]

Mountain Valley Pipeline No Longer Approved for Stream Crossings

The Pittsburgh office of the United States Army Corps of Engineers has now suspended the Mountain Valley Pipeline’s authority to cross streams and wetlands. In Previous Episodes (if you have been diligently reading, highlighting, and indexing your Highlands Voicesfor the last few months, skip this part) In order to cross streams and wetlands, the Mountain [...]

Pioneers down the Gauley

The Charleston Gazetterecently had a story about a reunion of the group that first took kayaks and canoes down the Gauley River in 1968, including the part that is now under the dam.  It included a nod to Sayre and Jean Rodman: Walbridge kicked off the event by giving a brief account of the Gauley’s [...]

A few additional notes on that first run of the Gauley River

By Jean Rodman: The trip was run over the long Memorial Day weekend of 1961. It was cold. At one point it snowed on us. There were no easy roads down to the Gauley in those days. So, to drive from western PA, it took a 4-day weekend to even think about such a trip. [...]

Saying Goodbye to Jean

It is altogether fitting that Jean Rodman’s last contribution to the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy was the story on the facing page, and that its last line was, “Last month I bought another canoe.”  That’s the way she was.  She died with her boots on, or at least nearby, close enough that she could quickly [...]

Highlands Conservancy Finds Flaws in Proposed Spruce Mountain Grouse Management Area Project

By John McFerrin The United States Forest Service wants to create and maintain habitat for Ruffed Grouse.  In order to do this, it has proposed its Spruce Mountain Grouse Management Area Project. The West Virginia Highlands Conservancy has commented on the project, generally supporting the project while having some reservations. The project is located west and [...]

Board Highlights

By John McFerrin The October, 2018, gathering of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy featured two meetings.  The first was the Annual Meeting, held once a year to elect officers and directors and conduct any other business that may come before the membership. The election of officers featured all the same drama and excitement that we [...]

Seeing the Sinks of Gandy

One of the field trips offered at the Fall Review was to the Sinks of Gandy.  It was way fun. Before it gets to the Sinks of Gandy, Gandy Creek behaves as any other creek would.  The land is relatively flat and the valley is wide so it just meanders along, not seeming in any [...]