A New Role for the New River

The New River Gorge will have a new designation and a slightly different role thanks to Congressional action on the bill that included the Covid19 relief.  It will change from being a National River, as it has been since 1978, to being a National Park and Preserve. The effort for the new designation was led by [...]

Thoughts from our president

An incredibly challenging year has ended, but the Covid19 pandemic of 2020 continues its quest, radically changing our lives as we move into 2021. It is critically important that we continue our fight to preserve and protect the highlands for future generations, focusing on new and exciting opportunities. In addition, we continue to monitor unresolved [...]

Thurmond: Part of the New River Park and Preserve

During the first two decades of the 1900s, Thurmond was a classic boomtown. With the huge amounts of coal brought in from area mines, it had the largest revenue on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. Having many coal barons among its patrons, Thurmond's banks were the richest in the state. Fifteen passenger trains a day [...]

Covid Relief and Climate Change

There was also good news in the COVID-19 relief bill on climate change. Here are a few of the most important provisions.  The most important emissions-cutting measure in the bill is the phasing out of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), very potent greenhouse gases that heat the atmosphere thousands of times greater than carbon dioxide. HFCs are used [...]

The Greenbrier Southeast Project

The Greenbrier Southeast (GSE) project is a proposed 16,888-acre forest management project in the upper reaches of the East Fork of the Greenbrier River in the Monongahela National Forest (MNF). As stated in the MNF Schedule of Proposed Actions, the GSE project seeks to improve forest stand health and composition to improve future wildlife habitat and [...]

More Questions about NIOSH Facility

There are more, and ongoing, questions about the research facility that the National Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) wants to build on 461 acres in Randolph and Pocahontas Counties near Mace. The facility that the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (a part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)) wants [...]

Mountain Valley Pipeline – Latest Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Actions

By Cindy Rank The saga of pipelines appears to have no end. FERC As the courts continue to wrangle with the adequacy of permits from federal agencies (Fish and Wildlife, Forest Service, and Army Corps of Engineers) the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has stepped out on its own to give Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) [...]

Another Baby Step Forward

Last month The Highlands Voice reported that several groups had sued the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.  They alleged that the DEP had changed the way it runs its mine bonding program without telling the federal Office of Surface Mining that it was making the change.             Now the DEP has agreed to send the required notice to [...]

Stream Crossing Permits Here and There

Stream Crossing Permits Here and There By Cindy Rank West Virginia Highlands Conservancy has once again linked arms with folks challenging the validity of the Keystone XL Pipeline permit for stream crossings of the Yellowstone and Cheyenne Rivers in Montana. Why? Simply put, what happens in Montana doesn’t just stay in Montana. Earlier this year [...]