Legislature Make Little Progress on Environmental Issues

By Frank Young For 75 days--including for one week prior to and a week following the end of the recent 60 day regular session of the WV legislature--lobbyists for the WV Environmental Council (WVEC) walked the hallways of the capitol, attended uncounted legislative committee meetings, schemed with lobbyists from allied social justice organizations, encouraged citizens [...]

Thoughts from our president

March was again another busy month for the environmental community both federally and within West Virginia. New Study Details the Increasing Risks of the ACP “The ACP is facing a triple threat,” so concludes a new study released March 25 by Oil Change International and Friends of the Earth.  Atlantic Coast Pipeline – Risk Upon [...]

Forest Service Pours Cold Water on Big Run Pump Storage Project in Tucker County West Virginia

By Randy Kesling FreedomWorkd LLC has submitted a proposal to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to construct a Pump Storage Hydro Project (Project) In Tucker county. The Project would cover over 2500 acres of land, including United States Forest Service (Forest Service) land subject to potential impacts to environmentally sensitive areas.  The Project will pump [...]

Time to Comment to Protect Wetlands, Headwater Streams

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering changing the rules under the Clean Water Act.  Now it is asking what the public to comment on proposed changes. The controversy is over the definition of the term “waters of the United States.”  The federal Clean Water Act protects the “waters of the United States.”  [...]

Briefing: Atlantic Coast Pipeline – Risk Upon Risk

Oil Change International and Friends of the Earth U.S. March 2019 The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), a proposed fracked gas pipeline owned by Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, and Southern Company, faces some of the stiffest community and environmental opposition in the country today, comparable to that faced by TransCanada’s ill-fated Keystone XL project. Seventeen months [...]

Modern Jobs Act Can’t Get off the Ground

By John McFerrin In spite of its catchy nickname (The MOJO Act), the Modern Jobs Act did not make much progress during the 2019 session of the West Virginia Legislature.  It was not passed by either of the committees to which it was assigned. The MOJO Act takes several realities and tries to put them [...]

World Water Day—a Reflection

March 22 was World Water Day.  West Virginia Highlands Conservancy member Buff Rodman happened to be in Mexico and offered this reflection: It's World Water Day. I am in Mexico and it's giving me a different perspective on the value of freshwater. Here, freshwater, aka drinking water, means bottled water. So typically those big water [...]

Nurdles and Crackers and More, Oh My!

By Cynthia D. Ellis In the mountains of West Virginia, we have concerns about the mega-pipelines that are proposed and progressing across private and public lands.  But we must not overlook the larger picture. Those pipelines are being vigorously promoted by a gas industry and its allies who see a wealth-generating boom in the production, [...]

Our Readers Write

Dear Editor: Do you remember the 2010, British Petroleum disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? This is the spill that fouled beaches as far as Florida and ruined Gulf Coast fisheries. According to a New York Times investigation, those pesky rules enacted to keep that from happening again are among the 78 federal environmental  regulations  [...]